What is this Campaign?
Nonpartisan, politically non-biased civic initiative.

Why is this Campaign needed?
To reinforce people’s influence on pubic and political processes in Ukraine.

Who are the pioneers of this Campaign?
These are around 50 independent public organizations. They advocate human rights, defend freedom of speech, monitor elections, study urgent issues of government policy, solve problems of local governance, take care of environment and health, provide support to young people, etc. They invite independent public organization and pro-active people to join them.

How long will this Campaign last?
The Civic Campaign starts on November 25 and will last until April. The civic initiative will focus on election campaign and elections.

How will this Campaign work?
Coordination of civic intiatives’ activities. Information support of one another. Monitoring of election campaign and elections. Intensive provision of public with. Information of Ukrainian and foreign mass media. Public pressure to solve urgent social problems.

What could one expect from this Campaign?
It will provide new mechanisms of public influence, pressure and supervision over politics. It will raise responsibility of people and politicians for national processes in Ukraine.

More important questions and answers.

Does the Civic Campaign support any presidential candidate?

Does the Civic Campaign fight with any presidential candidate?

Will this Initiative participate in future local or presidential elections?

Who sponsors the Civic Campaign?
The civic campaign will be implemented by joint efforts and resources of its participants. Highlighting of any information in any mass media will be for free.

Not politicians will change Ukraine but responsible citizens. Make your Ukraine!